Effectively control weeds…

Invasive and destructive, weeds rapidly overcrowd the garden.  Target weeds by focusing on where they grow.  Specific weeds are found in each outdoor area.  Use this tool to identify them and understand how weeds grow for easy and more effective control.

Lawn areas

A beautiful lawn is quickly destroyed by an outbreak of weeds.  Selective action weedkillers target weeds without harming the grass.  Learn about specific lawn weeds and discover the right products to control them.

Growing areas

Flowers, fruits and vegetables are starved of vital nutrients by unruly weeds.  Understanding more about the specific weeds will enable you to control them with products that still allow you to replant your growing areas immediately.

Paths, Patios & Drives

Troublesome weeds ruin the aesthetics of a path, patio or driveway.  Weeds also damage hard surfaces and quickly become unmanageable.  Gain longer-term control by understanding how these hardy species survive and tackle them with the correct weedkillers.

Specialist areas

Difficult weeds require specialist treatments.  Whether it's moss or ivy that’s attacking your outdoor space or a tree stump that needs to be tackled.  Learn more about the problem to establish the most effective treatment.