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  • How can I stop weeds taking over my lawn? +

    There are lots of things you can do to help prevent weeds from running riot - correct mowing, feeding the grass to increase its vigour (and to help it crowd out the weeds), and regular treatment with a selective weedkiller will all help halt the invasion. Regularly applying a combined treatment of weed and moss control in the spring and summer when the weeds are actively growing will keep them in check and produce a lush, healthy lawn better able to resist weed invasion. Try using Lawn Weedkiller Ready to Use 2 for a quick and easy ready to use formulation, ideal for spot treatment.

  • Can I use Slug and Snail Killer in my vegetable plot? +
    Yes. Slug & Snail Killer may be used around all plants in the garden, including edibles. Crops may be harvested from areas which have just been treated with the pellets. The only care that should be taken is to avoid accidentally lodging pellets in the leaves of crops e.g. lettuce.
  • The leaves on my shrubs are yellow - what's wrong? +

    There are many possible reasons for this problem, if indeed it is a problem at all - remember that many ornamental plant varieties are grown for their golden, or variegated foliage. If you are sure that there is a problem, then shortage of nitrogen is a likely cause. The answer to this is to feed with a general purpose feed, such as Phostrogen Plant Food. Shortage of certain trace elements may also cause yellowing, but feeding with Phostrogen Plant Food will solve these too. Yellowing leaves can also be a sign that the plant is suffering from any one of a range of pests or diseases. Careful examination for signs of pests or diseases is worthwhile here.

Identify and solve your weed or pest problem

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