Tree Stump Killer

Capable of killing unwanted trees and controlling the toughest of weeds including brambles and rhododendrons. Easy to use soluble sachets, one sachet kills one tree. Simply pour or paint onto the stump.


  • The Simple Soluble Sachet application makes treatment far easier with no measuring required.
  • Breaks down naturally in the soil to allow replanting.

Application method

Soluble Sachet

Advice on application

For tree stump control
• Apply between November and March immediately after felling. The best time for treatment is autumn and winter. Avoid use when the sap is actively rising between March and May. Do not apply if rain is expected within 6 hours or during drought conditions.

To kill tough weeds and brushwood
• Apply at any time when weeds are showing green leaf and are actively growing. Do not apply in windy conditions or if rain is expected within 6 hours or during drought conditions. Effects will be seen on some weeds within a few days, but it can take up to 4 weeks. Once weeds have died they can be dug into the soil or composted and then the area treated may immediately be replanted or sown with seed.

Precaution for use

• Do not apply to cultivated areas or lawns unless you want to kill them.
• Do not use in frosty conditions or windy conditions.

• For further information, refer to product label.

Regulatory information

Registration name: Tree Stump Killer

Registration number: MAPP 14226