Mouse Traps

The traditional wooden mouse traps. Can be used anywhere in the house, loft or in outbuildings.


  • Available in twin packs.
  • Easy to set and highly sprung.
  • Re-useable.



Application method


Advice on application

1. Remove staple holding locking bar to wood base. Hold the locking bar away from the trap. Place bait (e.g. peanut butter) at base of spring.
2. Pull back the bow and hold down with thumb.
3. Lift the 'cheese' pedal slightly, slotting locking bar into the pedal.
4. Gently release pressure on the bow, to engage locking bar, setting the trap.
5. Place trap against wall, ensuring the the 'cheese' pedal is flush to the wall.

Precaution for use

• Inspect traps frequently to ensure mice are disposed of soon after coming into contact with the trap.