Moss Killer Concentrate

A concentrated formula ideal for larger areas. It is a non-selective algae and moss killer with pure contact action on all green plant parts for the use on natural paths and around trees and ornamentals plants.


  • Concentrated formula, ideal for larger areas
  • Kills moss and algae
  • For use on natural surfaces
  • Can be used around trees and shrubs as it doesn’t harm the woody part of plants


Moss and Algae

Authorised usage

Natural surfaces

Application method

Liquid concentrate

Advice on application

How to Use:

Measure the area to be treated and determine the amount of spray required, do not make up more spray than is required.

Maximum individual dose 170ml product/ 10sqm

  1. Measure 170ml in the measuring cup, add to a sprayer and make up to 1 litre with water. Mix well.
  2. Hold the sprayer approximately 50 cm away from the target moss or algae and spray lightly to avoid run-off
  3. Apply evenly over 10 square metres

Precaution for use

• Keep product in original container, tightly closed in a safe place.
• Dispose of unused product in its container at a household waste site (civic amenity site).
• Dispose of empty container in the dustbin (UK only).
• Do not empty into drains.


Regulatory information

Registration name: Moss Killer Concentrate

Registration number: MAPP 16281