Lawn Disease Control

Controls fungal diseases on established lawns. Protects the lawn against common lawn diseases such as fusarium patch and red thread. Prevents and cures diseases. Maximum number of treatments per year = 2. Allow 4 weeks between treatments. Allow product to dry before using the lawn.


  • Use at first sign of disease.
  • Can be used at any time of year.
  • Soluble sachet formulation.
  • Just drop into the sprayer or watering can.
  • Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas once dry.


Most common lawn diseases such as fusarium patch and red thread

Application method


Advice on application

For the control of Red Thread and moderate control of Fusarium Patch. Can be used all year round. Spray at the first indications of infestation and where disease has been identified treat the whole lawn.

Red Thread

• First appears as circular pink/bleached patches in the grass.

• Disease can rapidly expand into large patches, with dead grass. Red, threadlike strands form near the tips of the leaf blades.

• To identify Red Thread, keep looking for the pink colour.

• Red Thread is more prevalent when warm during late spring, summer and early autumn.

Fusarium Patch

• First appears as dull brown small spots on the lawn that can spread rapidly and can become large dead patches.

• This disease is more prevalent in the autumn from October onwards and in the spring.


How to use:

Calculate the size of the area to be treated and mark into 20sqm sections. Apply the product with a sprayer.

1. Tear open the sachet and drop the inner water-soluble bag into a sprayer containing 1 litre of water. (Do not open inner water-soluble bag!)

2. Allow to stand for 2 minutes until the inner water-soluble bag dissolves then shake gently to mix.

3. Spray evenly over 20sqm of lawn.


Precaution for use

• Do not touch water soluble bag - place whole bag directly into spray tank.

• Do not apply during drought conditions or to frozen turf. Can be applied after mowing and if applied before mowing, do not mow for at least 48 hours after application to allow adequate movement of the treatment through the plant. Allow the spray to dry before using the lawn.

• Only apply to established garden lawns and residential turf. The maximum number of treatments is two per year with a minimum of four weeks between treatments.

• For further information, refer to product information.


Regulatory information

Registration name: Lawn Disease Control

Registration number: MAPP 13516