Baby Bio® Roota

Ready-to-use rooting hormone liquid.

Please note, this product is no longer in production.


  • The easy way to take successful root cuttings.
  • Simply dip cutting in liquid and plant in suitable rooting compost.

Application method

Ready to use liquid

Advice on application

1. Take cuttings below a leaf joint using a sharp knife.
2. Remove leaves from lower half of cutting.
3. Dip the base of the cutting into the liquid:- for softwood cuttings such as fuschia and dahlia, dip 1cm (1/2 inch). For all other cuttings dip 2.5cm (1 inch).
4. Place planted cuttings in light, but not sunny position.
5. To help new roots establish, cover the fresh planted cuttings with glass or polythene.

Precaution for use

• Apply away from fish and keep out of reach of children.
• For further information, refer to product label.


Regulatory information

Registration name: Baby Bio Roota

Registration number: MAP 13288