Baby Bio Outdoor Fruit and Veg

Baby Bio® Outdoor for Fruit & Veg is a boosted plant food that contains bio stimulants to give you better results than a standard NPK fertiliser and can give you up to 35% more fruit  & vegetables.  These bio stimulants help the plants to make the most of the nutrients you are feeding them to help promote healthy and balanced growth.  Now it's possible to give your crops the food they need to thrive - you'll be able to effortlessly reap the benefits of hearty home grown fruit and veg, and relish the Sunday roast when you can tell everyone those delicious carrots they are eating are your own! Just pop 10ml per litre into your watering can, and water your beautiful plants as you would normally.  Simple.


  • For up to 35% more fruit and veg compared to using a standard NPK fertiliser
  • Each bottles makes up to 75L
  • Usage results in fantastic growth on all fruit, herbs and vegetables
  • Gives fast, balanced growth for strong and healthy plants
  • A unique boosted plant food for all kinds of flowering plants and shrubs