Baby Bio® Orchid Compost

Specially formulated for orchids, Baby Bio ® Orchid Compost has the open structure and free draining environment essential for the root system of orchids. It has the added nutrients orchids need for sustained flowering.


  • Excellent draining properties for the root system
  • Balanced nutrients for healthy vibrant orchids
  • Specially formulated to provide ideal growing conditions for your orchid
  • A bark based free draining structure for healthy growths



Advice on application

  • Choose a clean pot with just enough room for roots
  • Place a layer of gravel in the bottom and fill one third with orchid compost
  • Take the plant out of its existing pot and remove any dead roots
  • Place the orchid in the pot so the crown is just below the rim
  • Place more compost between and around the roots tapping the pot to settle the compost
  • Water thoroughly with clean tepid water, support with a cane if necessary
  • Begin feeding with Baby Bio Orchid Food during growing and flowering season
  • Avoid over-watering
  • Avoid fluctuations in room temperatures as this may cause leaf drop