Baby Bio® Leaf Shine

House plant leaf shine suitable for house plants with waxy, smooth leaves. Available in one easy to use spray. Spray from a distance of 30 cm and spray onto the upper leaf surface only.


  • Long lasting foliar shine for many popular houseplants.
  • No need to polish and no need to dust plants prior to use.
  • Convenient and easy to use.

Advice on application

Baby Bio Leaf Shine Aerosol may be applied at monthly intervals.

1. Shake can thoroughly before use.
2. Spray from a distance of 30cm (12 in) on the upper leaf surfaces only. Use a sweeping motion to give a light, even film, without overwetting the leaves.

Precaution for use

• For use on smooth leaved house plants.
• Use when plants are well watered and the soil in the pot is damp.
• Do not spray in direct sunlight.
• Avoid contact with furnishings, polished surfaces and wall coverings.
• Not recommended for young, tender or hairy-leaved plants, succulents, yuccas or ferns.
• Avoid spraying open blooms and buds.