Block invading insects - Pest Control - Bayer Garden

Home Pest Control Basics

These tips will help you identify ways Bayer Garden products can help control insects in and around your home.


  • Spray under sink, cabinets and large appliances in the kitchen.
  • Spray around baseboards, exit door thresholds, cracks and crevices.
  • Spray under bathroom sink cabinets and around bathroom baseboards.
  • Leave the spray undisturbed for long-lasting effects that provide continuous control against pests for up to 12 months indoors (always read and follow label directions).


  • Because many insects that enter the house live just outside your door, you can treat areas adjacent to the house to help prevent the pests from entering.Treat exterior surfaces, especially walls covered with vines or other areas where pests might hide.
  • Treat the soil, lawn or walkways adjacent to your house. 
  • Apply solution where insects can hide inside cracks and joints on siding or building materials.
  • Spray around door and window frames, behind gutters and around openings where utilities enter the house.
  • Apply along the house foundation as well as under porches and decks. Outdoors, granules offer longer residual protection than sprays. Use granules as a barrier treatment around your home, garage and outbuildings.
  • Treat around woodpiles, storage sheds and outdoor trash bins.
  • Apply to anthills and along any ant trails leading to the house.
  • Spray into the entrance holes of carpenter bees on wood siding, roof overhangs, tree stumps and other places where you see bees.