Spray apple trees with Provado Ultimate Fruit & Vegetable Bug Killer to protect from invading insects. Harvest crops and pick soft fruit. Clip and tidy up hedges.


  • How do i keep my plants safe with plant protection products? +

    If you would like to have more information on how to keep your home and garden plants, healthy, beautiful and safe using Plant Protection Products please click on the link below, a publication by the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA).

    Plant Protection Products for Home and Garden

    Alternatively, you can visit their website at:

  • How do I stop moss coming back? +

    Feed your lawn regularly with an all purpose fertiliser such as Phostrogen, raise the cutting height of your lawn mower, plant shade loving grass varieties in shady areas or let more light get to the lawn by thinning overhead trees and improve the soil drainage on heavy clay or poorly drained soils.

  • The leaves on my shrubs are yellow - what's wrong? +

    There are many possible reasons for this problem, if indeed it is a problem at all - remember that many ornamental plant varieties are grown for their golden, or variegated foliage. If you are sure that there is a problem, then shortage of nitrogen is a likely cause. The answer to this is to feed with a general purpose feed, such as Phostrogen Plant Food. Shortage of certain trace elements may also cause yellowing, but feeding with Phostrogen Plant Food will solve these too. Yellowing leaves can also be a sign that the plant is suffering from any one of a range of pests or diseases. Careful examination for signs of pests or diseases is worthwhile here.

Identify and solve your weed or pest problems

Insects can rapidly damage your garden plants. Click here to help indentify and understand what insect you have and how to free your plants of them.

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Invasive and damaging, weeds are one of the most troublesome problems that all gardeners face. Click here to identify, solve and understand your weeding problem.

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