• Wireworm


Slender, orange-brown beetle larvae (Click Beetle)  with three pairs of short legs behind the head.  Wireworms live in soil and can kill seedlings by biting into the small stems just below the soil surface.  In late summer tuber vegetables such as potatoes and carrots can be extensively tunnelled by the larvae. Wireworms are found in greatest numbers in newly dug grassland.  Their numbers will decline over the next 3-4 years of cultivation.

Cultural measures: Control by cultivating the vegetable plot thoroughly. Ensure that weeds are removed from the plot. Lift main crop potatoes as soon as they have matured. Alternatively, bait using potatoes or carrots fixed onto a stake, allowing regular inspection.  Where possible try to avoid plant out small seedlings, until more established.

There is currently no chemical registered for the control of wire worm.