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Winter moth

Winter moth can be a serious pest in early spring where the moth larvae devour the new leaves.  When the blossom is fully open the caterpillars can feed on the petals and flower stalks.  The pale green caterpillars loosely bind young leaves together with silken threads, walk in a 'looping' action. The caterpillars also eat  fruit blossom and make holes in fruitlets. Fruit trees are affected. 

Product solution:  Tie Boltac Greasebands to the trunks of fruit trees from October to stop the flightless moths reaching up into the tree canopy and laying eggs .  Regularly inspect the tree and control newly hatched caterpillars in the spring with Sprayday Greenfly Killer or Provado Ultimate Fruit and Vegetable Bug Killer Ready To Use/Concentrate, Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Ready to Use.  Use insecticides before the blossom has opened.  When the blossom is in the 'tight bud stage' and after 'blossom fall'.

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