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Weeds can be grouped into 2 main types - annual or perennial weeds.  Weeds can be found anywhere from beds and borders, within paving, in gravel and lawns.  Annual and perennial weeds will often be seen growing together in the same areas. 

Annual weeds grow, flower and produce seed in one year. 

Annual weed examples - shepherds purse, chickweed, grounsel, cleaver (goose grass).

 Perennial weeds grow, flower, sometimes produce seed and then die down in the winter to re-emerge the following year.  This cycle is repeated over several years.

Perennial weed examples - dandelion, ground elder, nettles, bind weed.

Lawn weeds - creeping buttercup, plantain, daisies, dandelions, speedwell, white clover.

 Depending on whether the weed is annual, perennial, or growing in a lawn different types of weed killers may be required. 

Perennial weeds will require the use of a systemic weed killer and lawn weeds will require a selective lawn weed killer.

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