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Weed Seedlings

Weed seedlings - small seedlings that are often seen growing together, and germinating at the same time.  Annual weeds can also be controlled with a contact weed killer which can quickly 'burn' off the green part of the plant, where the root will also die.  

 It is recommended to kill or get rid of these weeds before they set seed.  Product solutions:  In flower beds and borders - 3 Hour WeedKiller, Glyphosate Kills Weeds and Roots, ready to use, concentrate, Tough Root Kill

On gravel paths and drives, or waste ground - Path WeedKiller Concentrate (and ready to use), Long Lasting Ground Clear (soluble sachets, ready to use)

On paths, patios, brick paving and areas to be replanted - Glyphosate Kills Weeds and Roots - concentrate, ready to use, Super Strength Glyphosate



Recommended products