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Watering and feeding

Over or under watering, changing temperatures and droughty positions are the main causes of leaf browning and drop.  Avoid overwatering, and allow the surface of the compost to dry beofre appplying addition water.  Apply water at room temperature.  Allow excess water to drain away, and do not let the plant sit in water. Product Solution: For flowering and fruiting plants support with the use of  Phostrogen all Purpose Plant Food, Phostrogen Tomato Food, Phostrogen tomato & Vegetable Food, for foliage plants use Baby Bio Original, Baby Bio Drip Feeders, for orchids Baby Bio Original, Baby Bio Orchid Food, Baby Bio Orchid Food Drip Feeders, for other general feeding Baby Bio Plant Food Tablets, Baby Bio Ready to Use.  Also consider Baby Bio for Tomatoes, Baby Bio for Herbs, Baby Bio Citrus Food.

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