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Vine weevil

Pot plants may only show symptoms when it is too late - they can wither,  wilt and die completely. When removed from the pot, small, creamy coloured ,legless larvae with brown heads will be seen in the compost. Sometimes an entire root system will have been eaten.  The grubs also feed on corms of cyclamen and begonias.  This grub is a root feeding pest commonly of pot and container grown outdoor plants but they can also be a pest of houseplants. 

On particular, often evergreen shrubs you may notice irregular U - shaped notches on leaf edges caused by the feeding adult weevils.  Adult weevils are nocturnal feeders, hiding out during the day.  Usually though  vine weevil adults tend to feed on the leaves of evergreen plants such as euonymous, azelias, viburnums, rhododendrons and choisya.  They are wingless but can travel large distances and climb up and over walls.


No chemical control available for vine weevil grubs or adults  on any edible plants.