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Vine Weevil

Vine weevils are a common garden pest which often attacks plants grown in containers. The adult  vine weevils are leaf feeders, often feeding on evergreen shrubs such as Viburnum and Rhododendrons.  The larval grubs of the vine weevil are root feeders, feeding on the roots and corms of several plants.  Leaf damage is most evident during the summer months, into autumn but the grubs can cause considerable damage during most of the year, particularly if plants are kept/overwintered in pots.   .  These grubs are virocious feeders favouring soft rooted plants such as bedding plants, certain perennials including sedums, primulas, pansies, heucheras and strawberry plants.  These grubs will also eat into the corms of begonias and cyclamens. 

There is currently no chemical control for Vine weevil on strawberries although Provado Vine Weevil Killer 2 can be used on containerised ornamental plants.