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Tomato Blight

Tomato and potato blight is a disease caused by a fungus-like organism which spreads rapidly in the foliage and fruit and tubers of these crops.  Correctly called late blight this disease causes rotting and is most common during wet summers usually from June onwards.  A serious disease for potatoes and outdoor tomatoes, not so common on tomatoes grown in a greenhouse.  

The initial symptoms of tomato blight is the watery rot of leaves which soon collapse, shrivel and turn brown.  These brown legions are then likely to appear on the stems, branches and on the top of the tomato.  Blight infection is dependent on specific combinations of temperature, humidity and rainfall usually from the month of June.  When wet weather is forecast from June onwards protectant fungicide sprays are advisable especially for outdoor tomatoes.  Better control will be acheived when spraying the a suitable fungicide during dry seasons. 

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