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Scale insect

Scale insects are sap feeding pests which attack the leaves and stems of many garden and greenhouse plants.  Scale insects are often found on the underside of leaves along the leaves main vein, along stems and on the trunks of trees.  The insects are protected or hidden beneath a waxy shell or scale which they secreat over their bodies.  Newly-hatched scale are mobile and crawl around on the plant looking for a suitable feeding site.  Once a suitable feeding site is found they settle and then become immobile whilst feeding on the plants sap.  Scale insects are usually brown/grey being either flat or domed. 

Cultural control:  A very  difficult pest to control.  If practical the scale insects can be rubbed or scraped off using thumb nail or a cloth.

Product solution: The best type of control would be offered by using a systemic insecticide - Provado Ultimate Bug Klller range of insecticides. Multirose Concentrate 2  Alternatively try Organic Pest Control, Organic BugFree, Sprayday Greenfly Killer.

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