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(Rose) Leafhopper

Leafhoppers are sap sucking insects.  Feeding damage of the Rose Leafhopper  causes the rose leaves to develop a course, whitish mottling on the upper leaf surface during the summer.  Roses grown in sheltered areas or against a wall can be more severely attacked and by late summer alot of the green colour within the leaves will have gone.    This leafhoppper is pale yellow in colour and lives on the underside of the leaves and readily jumps off the leaf when the plant is disturbed.  The immature nymphs (young) are creamy white and crawl about on the underside of leaves.

Leafhoppers can be responsible for allowing a fungal infection into the buds of Rhododendrons, known as Bud Blast.

Use Provado Ultimate Bug Killer aerosol or concentrate. Remove older affected leaves or buds and debris to reduce hiding places.

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