• Red_spider_mite_severe_damage

Red spider mite - leaf bronzing

An extremely tiny common sap sucking mite with species affecting outdoor and glasshouse/conservatory plants where they relish hot/dry conditions.  Their feeding damage causes affected leaves to become mottled and speckled, taking on a bronze colour where they will fall prematurely.  On badly infested plants a fine white webbing over the leaves maybe seen. In warm dry summers citrus plants and popular conservatory plants can be affected.

Cultural measure: Remove affected leaves at first signs of damage.  Keep plants moist at all times and spray the plant, and surrounding environment regularly with a fine misting of water.  Red Spider Mite do not like damp or humid conditions.  Discard badly affected plants.

Product solution:  Provado Ultimate Bug KIller aerosol, Baby Bio Houseplant Insecticide.

Ensure treatments are thorough and repeated regularly until all signs of pests are eradicated.