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Raspberry Beetle

The brownish white grub of the raspberry beetle damage not only raspberries but blackberries and other cane fruits.  The grubs feed on the stalk end of the fruit where they can be seen inside the fruit and are a major problem of summer-fruiting raspberries.  Those ripening after late August are less likely to be affected.  Ripe berries become damaged with greyish-brown dried up patches at the stalk end of the fruit.  Damaged ripe berries have greyish brown dried up patches at the stalk end, and a brownish-white grub may be found inside the fruits.

Product Solution: Spray with Sprayday Greenfly Killer, Provado Ultimate Fruit and Vegetable Bug Killer, Ready to Use/Concentrate.

Spray raspberries when the first pink fruits are seen, with a following application 14 days later.  Spray insecticides in the evening when foraging bees are not active at the flowers. 

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