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Powdery mildew

White, powdery fungal growth which develops on the upper surface of the leaf.  It can be seen on new shoots and buds and sometimes envelop the entire plant.  A common fungal problem that affects a wide variety of outdoor, conservatory and indoor plants.  This problem is often encouraged by plants growing in dry soils, under hot dry conditions with inadequate ventilation.  Powdery mildew is a problem on a wide variety of plants during the warm summer months, into late summer. 

There is no specific plant fungicide for houseplants although in some cases a ready to use plant fungicide may be safe to use on some indoor plants such as Fungus Fighter Disease Control.  Ensure that plants are kept well watered in dry spells and that they are not overfed. Remove infected plant debris and leaves and increase ventilation or air circulation around individual plants.

Tip: If using Fungus Fighter Disease Control take the plants outside, spray and allow to dry before bringing the plants indoors.

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