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Potato Common Scab

Corky, raised scabby patches develop on the skin of the potato.  Damage may only be superficial damage  or could result in cracking of the skin and flesh.  The flesh is usually undamaged although areas of discolouration may be evident beneath the scabby patches.  Most potatoes suffering from potato scab can be consumed following the removal of these patches.  This fungus is common in light sandy soils containing low levels of organic matter although this fungal pathogen is present naturally in most soils.  


Cultural contol: Ensure potato crop is adequately fed by improving the level of organic matter in the soil, ensure regular watering and do not lime the soil prior to planting potatoes.  Grow cultivars resistant to scab such as Arran Comet, Arran Pilot, King Edward, Maris Peer.

There is currently no product available for the control of scab on potatoes.