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Pea moth

Maggots of the Pea Moth life inside pea pods and feed on the developing peas.  Caterpillar - black heads with small dark spots on creamy-white bodies. 

Adult pea moths emerge in June-July, when the females seek out pea plants which are in flower on which they lay their eggs.  After hatching the caterpillars or larvae bore into the developing pea pods and begin feeding on the small peas.  When the larvae are fully fed  (mid to late summer) the larvae leave the pods to pupate in the soil.   

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Avoid spraying during the day when foraging bees and other beneficial insects will be visiting the flowers.  Spray in the morning or preferably in the evening when bees will be less active at the blooms. 

Sow early or late varieties to avoid peas flowering in June/July.  Ensure thorough winter and spring cultivation to help expose overwintering pea moth grubs.