• Mealbug

Mealy bug

Mealybugs are soft bodied, greyish-white or pink sap sucking insects. They are covered in a white, mealy or fluffy wax.  They are often found in clusters on the underside of the leaves and in the leaf axis. Cacti and succulents are often affected but they can be seen on many other indoor/conservatory plants ie orchids and bougainvilleas where they can remain active all year.

Product Solution:  Spray plants at first sign of attack with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer aerosol or  Baby Bio House Plant Insecticide.

Physically remove as many colonies as possible by either pruning out or brushing them off.  Keep plants well fed during the main growing season and inspect the plants regularly.  Separate those plants which have been affected from those which are clean of mealybugs to reduce the chance of the pest spreading.