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Craneflies, or Daddy longlegs as they are commonly known are a major lawn pest. The dull grey/brown grubs of this cranefly (leatherjackets) do not have an obvious head or tail end (no legs) feed exclusively on the roots of grass.  The adult cranefly lays eggs in the turf in the late summer August/September.  Feeding damage of the leatherjackets will become obvious in the lawn later the following year (mid-summer) where the lawn will turn yellow/brown as the grass slowly dies.  The adult Cranefly can be seen emerging from small cases that poke up through the lawn in the autumn. 

Leatherjackets are a particular problem on heavy, poorly drained, compacted, clay soil. Large numbers of Starlings pecking at the turf may indicate an infestation of this pest.

Product solution: Apply Provado Lawn Grub Killer preventatively during the egg laying stage (Aug/Sept) to control the new generation of grubs.  In severe cases application should be repeated annually as part of a lawn maintenance programme.