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Japaneese Knotweed (Fillopia japonica)

A thick well established crown of bamboo like stems, heart-shaped leaves, arching branches and clusters of tiny, cream coloured flowers. This weed is probably one of the most difficult to eradicate.

Digging Japanese knotweed out is possible but due to the depth the rhizomes penetrate regrowth will occur.  Product Solution:Glyphosate weed killers are usually applied to the of Japanese knotweed.  A good time to apply this type of weed killer is late summer when the plant is in flower.  However by late summer the canes could be reaching in excess of two metres making it difficult to treat.  A more practical approach is to spray in about May when the canes will be around 90 cm in height with perhaps a second application in mid summer.  Treat any re-growth in the same way over the following years if necessary.

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