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Ground Elder (Aegopodium podagraria)

A perennial weed forming dense patches of mid-green foliage.  A particularly invasive weed with white flowers in May/June.  Although being invasive this weed has a shallow root system which can be easily lifted with the help of a hand / garden fork.  This can be time consuming but a useful way of removing it as it grows amongst other plants. 

Product solution:  For use around established trees and shrubs, areas of waste ground where replanting is required, on hard standing including drive ways, block paving and  patios consider - Glyphosate Kills Weeds and Roots - ready to use / concentrate. Super Strength Glyphosate, Tough Rootkill, Tree Stump Killer

On gravel paths and drives, gravelled areas, on waste ground where replanting is not required for at least 4 months, or areas that you want to  permenantly keep clear of weeds consider - Path Weedkiller Concentrate, ready to use, Long Lasting Ground Clear (soluble sachets) or ready to use.  


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