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Weeds can be grouped into 2 types - annual and perennial Annual weeds grow, flower and produce seed in one year. Perennial weeds grow, flower, sometimes produce seed and then die down in the winter to re-emerge the following year.  For controlling annual weeds use 3 Hour Weedkiller, Natria Super Fast WeedKiller.

For deep-rooted perennail weeds and if weeds are growing on areas where immediate re- planting is required, use Super Strength Glyphosate, Glyphosate Kills Weeds and Roots concentrate/ ready to use 2, Tough Rootkill.

For the control of  weeds growing in between paving, drives and hardstanding, and areas where re-planting is not use Long Lasting Ground Clear (soluble sachets), ready to use, Path WeedKiller Concentrate (soluble sachets), ready to use.

For the control of common weeds within a lawn use Lawn WeedKiller Ready to Use 2.

To kill the roots of freshly felled tree stumps and general brushwood killer use Tree Stump Killer.

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