• dandelions


A common perennial lawn weed with dark green leaves which forms a rosette close to the ground with easily recognisable, characteristic bright yellow flowers in the summer. Product solution: To control dandelions in lawns consider Lawn WeedKiller ready to use 2.   Beds and borders, around established trees and shrubs,  waste ground, areas where replanting is required, paved paths, brick paving, drive ways, patios etc Glyphosate Kills Weeds and Roots - ready to use / concentrate, Super Strength Glyphosate, Tough Root Kill.


Waste ground, around established trees and shrubs, gravel paths and areas which need to be kept clear of weeds ie round the base of sheds, fence lines etc. Long Lasting Ground Clear (soluble sachets, ready to use), Path WeedKiller Concentrate, ready to use. 



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