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Couch Grass

This perennial weed grass with its wiry underground stems, or rhizomes and creeping shoots can pop up anywhere around the garden making it a significant garden weed.   In appearance couch grass can look like any other tuft of grass but underground their roots can form a dense network.  

Spray in spring on young growth which has reached 10-15 cm with each shoot having no less than 4 or 5 new leaves.  Product solution:  Glyphosate Kills Weeds and Roots - ready to use / concentrate, Super Strength Glyphosate, Tough RootKill suitalble for use on areas where immediate replanting is required or on paths, patios and large areas of hard standing. 

Long Lasting Ground Clear - ready to use / concentrate, Path Weed Killer (Concentrate, ready to use ), suitalble for use on areas where replanting is not required for at least 4 months,  on permeable surfaces ie gravel paths, paving bedded on sand/soil, can be used around established trees, shrubs and fruit bushes.

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