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Chafer Grubs

Large white, soft bodied c-shaped grub with brown/red head.  The Chafer Grub has three distinctive pairs of legs near the head (not to be confused with vine weevil larvae, similar in colour with a brown/red head, but do not have legs).  During the latter part of the summer brown patches of dying grass will begin to appear.  As the roots are severed by the feeding grubs the grass will become loose and will be easily rolled back like a carpet.  Chafer grubs can also be found in beds and borders but are more of a problem in uncultivated soils such as lawns.  Product Solution - Use Provado Lawn Grub Killer preventatively during the egg laying stage (May/June) to control the new generation of grubs and prevent damage. In severe cases the application of this product should be repeated annually as part of your lawn maintenance programme.