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Major plant pest causing considerable plant damage to a wide variety of plants.  Feeding commonly seen on leaves, seedlings, shoots, flowers and even fruit.   Large, irregular holes can be seen on leaves often with feeding damage occuring on the leaf edges.  Black frass (droppings) also usually visible.

 Product Solution:  Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate 2, Ready To Use, Sprayday Greenfly Killer, Provado Ultimate Fruit and Vegetable Bug Killer Ready To Use/Concentrate, Multirose Concentrate 2, Organic Bug Free, Natria Bug Control.  Use Boltac Greasebands to protect fruit trees from Winter Moth by trapping wingless female moths before they ay eggs in the tree canopy.  ;Cultural measures: Remove and destroy clusters of eggs when seen. Pick off caterpillars by hand where ever possible. 

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