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Canker - fungal

 Fungal canker causes the death of the plants inner bark.  Areas affected stems, branches and twigs of a wide variety of trees and shrubs, particularly apple and pear trees.  The infection causes the infection site to sink and can girdle the entire stem, restricting the up take of water and nutrients.  Shots beyond the canker wilt and die.

Fungal canker appears as white, orange or pink pustuals (raised spots) which develop on infected tissue in the summer.  Fungal canker is common on apple and Bark shrinks in concentric rings and cracks. Red growths appear in winter. Affects Apples and Pears particularly.

For use on Apples and Pears spray with Fruit and Vegetable Disease Control.

Cultural measures: Cut off damaged branches afew inches below the infection site and paint wounds with Arbrex Seal & Heal.


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