• bindweed

Bindweed (Convulvulus spp.)

A perennial weed with heart shaped, mid-green leaves.  White or white/pink open trumpet shaped flowers which are seen between June and September.The spreading tendrils of this rampant weed can rapidly smother other plants by entwining or 'binding' themselves to surrounding plants.  Growing up to 3 m it can smother established shrubs and clamber up fences, hedges and railings. 

Bindweed spreads by creeping underground roots, stems and by seed.  Product solution: Glyphosate Kills Weeds and Roots - ready to use / concentrate, Super Strength Glyphosate, Tree Stump Killer,  Long Lasting Ground clear (soluble sachets) / ready to use, Tough Root Kill - ready to use, Path Weedkiller Concentrate, ready to use.

Cultural method: Gathering up the spreading bindweed, carefully pulling up the roots by gently teasing the soil away with a hand or garden fork.


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