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How to plant a fruit tree and plants?

When planting a fruit tree or plants preparation well in advance is crucial.

The first step is to prepare the ground by digging a large hole.  The hole should be at three times wider than the container of a potted plant and the same depth as the roots.  For planting, expect to dig a hole of 70-80cm in diameter and a depth of approximately 60cm.   Gently turn the soil around the hole to soften the sides but avoid subsidence further down the track.


Planting a potted tree or plants   

If you are planting a potted tree or plants, cover the base soil of the hole with a layer of mulch to help prevent weeds and then add manure or a similar fertiliser.  Then, for best results, add a layer of good quality potting compost building up into a very slight mound to place the roots of the tree or plants.  


Remove the pot from the plant and place the roots on the mound, gently teasing out the plant roots but being careful not to break or damage them, and also, not to break the protective clod of soil surrounding the root.  


The soil in the hole should not be compacted, it should be loose and moist but not too soggy, watering the soil at the base of the root of a plant is very important for the future growth.


For the final steps when planting, fill the remainder of the hole with topsoil, make sure that original soil line from the potted plant or the tree’s graft are not submerged.  It may be easier to do this with 2 people, one to hold the tree and one to fill the soil.   


Drive a stake deep into the ground, this will be used to support the tree or plants and use a tie to bind the tree and the stake.  The tie can be synthetic or a natural coconut fibre.


Planting a bare-root tree

Follow a similar process when planting a bare-root tree, making sure to keep the roots wet at all times before planting.   


The planting hole should be prepared at least a month in advance for best results and make sure that it is large enough.  At the base of the hole, place the mulch and fertiliser, then plant the entire root ball, teasing out the roots.  Ensure that the root ball does not get broken but give the peripheral roots more freedom to grow.


Cover the hole with topsoil, taking care not to submerge the graft.