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A guide to garden tools

  Growing fruit and creating small orchards for a family is made easy when you invest in quality garden tools. While some garden tools cover a number of tasks, others are required specifically for pruning or harvesting fruit. The right equipment makes the task a lot less strenuous. Better quality garden tools are built to last, they can also be lighter for easy operation and quicker to use. A good quality chain saw, for example, reduces your gardening time and makes it a more effortless task.

The right equipment makes the task a lot less strenuous.  Better quality garden tools are built to last, they can also be lighter for easy operation and quicker to use.   

Garden Tools Checklist: 


1) Spade

The most important garden tool for digging and turning earth, particularly in larger spaces. Digging a soil bed is much easier when you have a good quality spade. Stainless steel blades are tough and hardwearing, and wooden handles, although a little more expensive, are more comfortable when using for extended periods of time.



2) Secateurs

Scissors for the garden! Small and very useful garden tool that is easy to use, ideal for pruning or taking cuttings. Invest in a good pair with a sharp blade and an ergonomic handle. Secateurs should always be kept sharp to make pruning an effortless task.


3) Shears

Long handled pruning shears are ideal for hard to reach branches. Shears are great for trimming trees into shape and easily cut medium-large branches.


4) Garden saw

A hacksaw or handheld garden saw is useful for cutting thicker branches. Use a compact design to make it easier to access congested branches or harder to reach branches.


5) Chipper or Shredder

Orchards should be cleared of any pruned branches and leaves - investing in a chipper or wood shredder makes disposal an easier task.


6) Binder

To support the tree while it is growing, use a binder to tie the branches to a support post with ease.


7) Sprayer

Fruit trees can be attacked by a number of different parasites and must be protected by using pesticides and fungicides. A pump or pressure sprayer is an ideal garden tool to make quick work of this task over a large expanse of trees. Sprayers vary from 5-20 litres.


8) Fruit Picker

Fruit harvesting is very rewarding and a fruit picker is the perfect garden tool to access those hard to reach pieces of fruit at the top of the fruit tree. A fruit picker is essentially a bag and durable stainless attachment attached to an extendable pole.


9) Sprinkler system

Irrigation is important to keep the fruit trees healthy. A sprinkler allows you to keep the garden irrigated, even when you are on vacation.


Which Garden Tools are right for my garden?

When purchasing, consider your personal requirements to ensure you select the correct garden equipment. Think about your comfort and chose ergonomic tools suited to you. Check the grip and comfort of the tool in your hand, and for larger tools, for e.g. a spade, think about your height, in order to find your perfect fit.