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Top 10 Tasks to do in February

Spring is now just round the corner, and you can see many of the telltale signs in your garden.  The bulbs are beginning to appear, and with the increase in light levels the birds and wildlife are becoming more prominent.  Make the most of February by preparing for the season ahead.

Top 10 jobs to do this month

  1. Start chitting potato tubers, placing them in an egg box in a cool location ensuring they do not receive too much light.
  2. Prepare vegetable seed beds, and if you are going to sow seeds undercover then make a start now.
  3. Cut back architectural grasses which were left uncut over the winter.
  4. Prune wisteria, and renovate the main framework if required.
  5. Prune winter flowering shrubs which have finished flowering.
  6. Take out unsightly, or rotten leaves on Hellebores (Christmas roses), to encourage the flowers to show up against the foliage.
  7. Prune hardy evergreen hedges and renovate deciduous hedges which have become too large.
  8. Prune conservatory climbers.
  9. Clear flower beds from debris to prepare for spring mulching.
  10.  Net fruit and vegetable crops to ensure the birds don’t get first choice!