Plant and its origin

Fritillaria is a plant genus of the lily family. This perennial plant is mostly found in temperate regions such as Eurasia, North Africa and North America.

Planting and caring

Fritillaria are planted from August to September, and the  bulbs usually flower around spring time.

Fritillaria do well in sunlight, so it is important to choose somewhere that has  good exposure natural light, partial shade and where the soil can drain well. The bulbs have to be planted 4 to 6 feet deep and there must be about 6 feet between each of them.

Caring for the Fritillaria plant it is not too complicated. The most important thing is to water it until it flowers, and to remove the flower head once the bloom has faded, if you do not want them to turn to seed.

Fritillaria do well for being fed with an NPK fertiliser.  Phostrogen plant food is a good all round fertiliser, but if you want to give them an extra boost, Baby Bio Outdoor for Flowers and Shrubs is ideal for long lasting

Disease and insects

  • Scarlet Lilly Beetle
  • Slug

Did you know?

Fritillaria extracts are used as a herbal remedy in Nepal and in China.