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November garden planner

What to do in your garden in November

What to do in your garden in November


  • Keep paths and steps clear from fallen leaves, not just to make leafmould, but so they don't become slippery, or harbour slugs and snails over winter.
  • Remove electric pond pumps and filters before frosts.
  • Lag outside water pipes and taps with insulating foam.
  • Bring in the hosepipe so water does not freeze inside and break the pipe.
  • Keep in the heat inside the greenhouse by insulating it with bubble polythene, covering all of the glass.


  • Rejuvenate established shrubs by cutting out some older branches.


  • Order bare-root roses from a specialist nursery for planting next month or in January.


  • Clean garden furniture and cover for winter, or store in a shed or garage.
  • When frosts threaten, wrap up tender plants to protect them. Either wrap them in fleece and pin to secure or use drawstring horticultural fleece bags from the garden centre that are available in several different sizes.


  • For fragrant flowers at Christmas, plant bulbs of paperwhite narcissi in clear vases, set into florists' marbles or pebbles, and keep water level just below base of bulbs to prevent them from rotting. Store in a cool place and as soon as foliage starts to show, bring them into a sunny spot.
  • This is a good month to plant trees, provided the ground isn't frozen.
  • Plant tulip bulbs deeply in the ground or in containers. Flamed and feathered Rembrandt and parrot tulips are best shown in isolation in containers. Plant up a few large black plastic pots so that you can drop them into bare spaces next spring to brighten up the border.


  • Store apples, checking them over and using damaged ones now and storing only perfect ones.