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December garden planner

What to do in your garden in December

What to do in your garden in December


  • Clean pots thoroughly with hot water and scrubbing brush, adding a little disinfectant to the water before leaving them to dry and then storing them for winter. Pots left lying around can become hibernating grounds for slugs and snails.
  • Prevent the pond water from icing over by placing a rubber ball on surface.
  • Keep bird baths and bird feeders full.
  • Where possible, keep off the lawn when the ground is frosted or wet.


  • Shorten long stems on roses so that the wind doesn't loosen and damage roots over the winter.
  • If mature trees need pruning, hire a tree surgeon.


  • Cover patches of soil used for seed sowing with plastic sheeting or cloches so you can sow earlier in the spring, in warmer soil.
  • Indulge in some fireside gardening: browse the new seed catalogues, both flowers and vegetables, and find some tempting new plants to grow in the coming year. Look at garden books and gather together new design and planting ideas.


  • Plant bare-rooted roses when the ground is not frozen. If you're not able to plant it straightaway, keep the rose in a sack until you can.