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August garden planner

What to do in your garden in August

What to do in your garden in August



  • Trim lavender bushes and hedging.
  • Keep bird baths topped up with water.
  • Keep watch on the water level in the pond, topping it up as needed.
  • Avoid watering plants during the heat of the day when water loss will be greater and plants can get sun-scorched. Keep new plants well-watered, especially through dry periods. An occasional thorough drenching will be more beneficial than watering little and often.
  • Trim any topiary.
  • Shape up evergreen hedging, narrowing sides towards the top so that the base of the hedge is not in the shade.
  • Cut off the tops of main stems of cordon tomatoes when they have developed several trusses of flowers, to concentrate fruit production.
  • Top up the pond, with rainwater if possible.
  • Give dahlias strong stakes and tie in stems as they grow.
  • Clip over curry and cotton lavender plants, shearing lightly into a neat shape.



  • Prune rambling roses directly after they have flowered.
  • Remove rose suckers by tearing them away from the rootstock.
  • Cut faded buddleia flowers for more blooms.



  • Take cuttings from shrub roses.



  • Sow rainbow chard now for a colourful and useful crop from autumn through to spring.



  • Plant crocus bulbs at the end of the month in the lawn, spare patches of ground or containers.



  • Treat wooden garden furniture to a nourishing teak oil conditioning treatment that will enhance the wood's colour as well as prolong the life of the furniture.



  • Pick courgettes when young and tender: they'll taste their best and plants will continue to be productive.
  • Harvest sweetcorn cobs when the tassels turn brown.
  • Harvest onions and shallots.