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If you’ve ever had problems identifying pests and weeds that invade your garden, then we’re here to help. Our comprehensive Pest and Weed Spotter guides will help you recognise common problems that cause headaches for even the most experienced gardener. We also have a colourful Phostrogen Planner which gives an easy to use guide for anyone interested in Grow Your Own.


Weed Spotter

Invasive and damaging weeds are one of the most troublesome problems that all gardeners face. We can help you learn more about the different types of weeds that can spread through your garden and how best to go about tackling them.

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Pest Spotter

Nature is responsible for pests which wait to thwart our gardening efforts. We can provide you with an easy-to-follow guide to common pests and explain which plants they attack, how they can be identified and suggest the most appropriate treatment.

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Phostrogen Planner

For all Grow Your Own enthusiasts, we have created a Phostrogen Planner which will advise you on the best time to sow and harvest your fruit and vegetables. It explains how Phostrogen can be used on all sorts of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants to produce bountiful crops with healthy green foliage.

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RSPB Leaflet

Controlling garden pests with wildlife in mind

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Safe Control of Garden Slugs

Top tips for using your slug pellets safely in your garden.

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     Pollinators and Agriculture Brochure

      Agricultural productivity and pollinator protection

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If you would like to order one, or all of the Gardening Guides above, please email us at and tell us which leaflets you are interested in receiving. Please provide us with your full postal address.