Slug & Snail Killer

The market-leading slug and snail killer. Free-flowing light blue coloured shower proof slug pellets. For effective use around susceptible plants including all vegetable crops, flowers and bedding plants in pots and containers. In damp or humid conditions re-apply every 2-3 weeks. Scatter pellets thinly, do not leave in piles. Read the product label before use.


  • Unique scatter cap makes it easier to accurately apply the slug pellets.
  • Ready to use blue mini-pellets contain a repellent to reduce attractiveness to children and pets.
  • For use around bedding plants, fruit and vegetable crops, beds & borders and containers.
  • Available sizes: 400g, 750g (with unique dosing cap to make it even easier to apply) or 1kg.


Bare soil around plants

Authorised usage

Vegetable, fruits and non edible plants

Application method


Advice on application

• There is no need to remove the cap - simply squeeze the sides of the cap inwards and turn the cap 180 degrees so the two arrows meet.
• Sprinkle the pellets thinly over the soil, around the plants or wherever the slugs and snails are to be found, so that individual pellets fall 10-15cm (4-6") apart.

• If using the 750g pack, you can use the unique dosing cap. This measures out the correct volume of pellets to treat 5sq.m. Simple squeeze the tabs on the sides of cap inwards and turn the cap 180 degress so the arrow on the cap points to 'DOSE'. Then, turn the bottle upside down and back to upright to charge the dosing chamber. Gently shake the bottle to scatter pellets thinly over a 5sq.m area. Continue this process for each 5sq.m area.

Precaution for use

• Maximum individual dose: 0.88g per sqm.
• Wash hands and exposed skin after use.
• When protecting edible crops take care to avoid pellets becoming trapped in the leaves.
• Scatter pellets thinly. Do not leave heaps on the soil - they can be fatal to pets if eaten in quantity.

• For further information, refer to product label.

Regulatory information

Registration name: Slug and Snail Killer

Registration number: MAPP 13011