Natria Bug Control

Natria Bug Control is made from naturally occurring active ingredients making it ideal for natural gardening. Certified for organic use by Organic Farmers & Growers Limited.


  • Can be used right up to harvest meaning it is safe for use on fruit and vegetables.
  • Can also be used on flowers.
  • Ideal for Grow Your Own.


Wide range of garden pests

Authorised usage

Flowers, fruits and vegetables

Application method

Ready to use spray

Advice on application

1. Spray the plants at first sign of attack.

2. Rotate nozzle to 'ON'. 
3. Spray the plants thoroughly wetting the stem and both sides of the leaves.
4. Once spraying is completed, return nozzle to the 'OFF' position.
5. Repeat at weekly intervals as necessary.

Precaution for use

• Do not use on new transplants until established.
• Do not use on sweet peas or begonias.