Lawn Weedkiller Concentrate

A concentrated weedkiller to help control all common broad-leaved weeds in established lawns. Weeds include dandelions, daisies, white clover, yarrow, buttercups and selfheal. Use when lawn weeds are actively growing - between April and September.



  • Controls buttercup, dandelion, clover, daisy, plantains and many others
  • Gives a lawn to be proud of
  • Concentrate formula offers great value for larger areas


Common broad-leaved weeds such as dandelions, daisies, yarrow and many more

Authorised usage

Established lawns

Application method

Liquid concentrate

Advice on application


When to use

  • Lawn Weedkiller Concentrate should be applied on lawns once a year when the weeds are actively growing (from April to end September). For best results apply on a warm, sunny day and avoid treatment during dry periods and when rain is expected within 24 hours.
  • To eliminate hardy broad-leafed weeds, Lawn Weedkiller Concentrate must be used on sufficiently developed plants.
  • DO NOT apply immediately after mowing. For best results, apply the product at least 5 days after the last mowing and wait 7 days after application before mowing again.
  • DO NOT use first four mowings after treatment as a mulch; these should be composted for 6 months before use.

How to use

Lawn Weedkiller Concentrate can be applied with a sprayer or a watering can. For optimum control use a garden sprayer. Rinse the sprayer or watering can well after use.

Mark out area on lawn to ensure even application.


For watering can (with a fine rose or sprinkle bar):-

1.             Using the outer cap, measure 10 mL into 10 litres of water in the watering can.

2.             Stir to mix and apply evenly over 10 square metres.

For sprayer:-

1.             Using the outer cap, measure 10 mL into 1 litre of water in a sprayer.

2.             Mix and apply evenly over 10 square metres. 

Precaution for use

• Keep product in original container, tightly closed, in a safe place.
• For further information, refer to product label.

Regulatory information

Registration name: Lawn Weedkiller Concentrate

Registration number: MAPP 15582